RESILIENCE: Three Rivers Cultural Festival 2019


Come home to Virginia and join us for RESILIENCE: Three Rivers Cultural Festival as we celebrate the region’s multicultural customs, cultures & cuisine in communities along the Pamunkey, Mattaponi & York Rivers.  We will celebrate the phenomenal beauty, strength, resilience and rich history of the waterways and the people who have called this area home, past and present. Experience music, art, oysters, BBQ, hands-on archaeology, a special performance of “Union Tooth & Nail—the Pamunkey Indian Tribe & the Civil War”, a multicultural food village, history exhibits, Virginia beer & wine, live music and so much more on the historic waterfront. Discover Virginia’s best kept secret, the three rivers region.

Saturday, November 9th
Hockley Retreat
1300 Hockley Lane, Shacklefords, VA
12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Virginia Customs, Culture and Cuisine Festival is a strategic part of the larger 2019 Commemoration that recognizes the 400th anniversary of pivotal 1619 Virginia events that forever changed the trajectory of Virginia and America’s history. These 1619 events include the first official English Thanksgiving in North America, the arrival of the first recorded Africans to English North America, the recruitment of English women in significant numbers to the Virginia colony, the launch of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Commonwealth and more!